Verba Vitae: A Serious Christian Journal of Life and its Significance

Everywhere we look these days we see conversations politicized. Reasoned argument is skipped in the effort to discern what an author’s political opinions really are, and whether they accord with what they should be. The Left and Right collide, hurling slogans at each other, often baiting and belittling the other to advance their own agendas.  Throughout vast regions of academia, power has seemingly replaced reason, with all thinking now being understood ideologically. 

But while people on opposite ends of the political spectrum organize to persuade, they eschew the less glamorous task of analysis. However, for conversation to proceed rationally, presuppositions from each side must be examined calmly, and words must be understood properly.  Analysis can allow disputants to become conversation partners, for common ground can often be found where none seemed possible before. 

Verba Vitae is committed to bringing the classical Christian tradition into conversation with life issues now confronting us. Modeling the reasoned logos of the theological tradition, Verba Vitae explores the truth-claims made by thinkers and examines the grounds upon which these assertions are made.  It is interested in what is being talked about when thinkers employ the language of rights and goods, or when thinkers speak of God. It is accordingly interested in fostering and modeling informed conversation.  How do people talk to each other respectfully when holding differing conceptions of the good?


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